Geospatial Stakeholders Forum, Nigeria

In June 2022, the Bill, and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) Geospatial Insights Support Team (GIST)  commissioned an end-to-end assessment of the geospatial ecosystem in Nigeria to understand the gaps  within the country’s geospatial ecosystem and identify areas of opportunity. One of the major gaps identified  during the assessment was the lack of coordination among stakeholders within the ecosystem. 

Following the value pipeline assessment, the GIST team contracted Dev-Afrique to organize a stakeholder  forum for actors in the ecosystem. The forum served two objectives- 1) a workshop for stakeholders to  validate the findings of the value pipeline assessment; 2) a platform for stakeholder discourse and  engagement.

Dev-Afrique led the end-to-end execution of the event including stakeholder identification and mapping,  event communications, media and branding, logistics and administration, travel management, and  facilitation. The forum had 70 persons in attendance representing various actors within the ecosystem  including government agencies, private organizations, non-profits, and academia.  At the end of the forum, the stakeholders were able to prioritize the highly impactful and feasible solutions  to address the identified gaps from the assessment. This fed into the final report of the assessment and  formed the intervention areas for the call concept note deployed subsequently. 


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