Geospatial Support to Lagos Innovation Agenda Portfolio

Digital health tools have evolved significantly, gaining popularity among younger generations who appreciate  their many benefits. The COVID-19 pandemic has also highlighted the advantages of remote healthcare in  areas with limited access to traditional healthcare services.Telehealth and telemedicine, involving remote information exchange and healthcare delivery, play a crucial  role in reaching underserved populations. The Lagos state government supports enhanced healthcare access  through these methods, aligning with the goals of the Lagos Innovation portfolio. 

The portfolio aims to use geospatial insights for targeted interventions, including identifying under-reached  populations and understanding health system gaps. To support telehealth initiatives funded by the Bill and  Melinda Gates Foundation, DevGlobal and Dev-Afrique provided geospatial support in Lagos. This involved  analyzing population and health indicators to pinpoint potential health system gaps and identify underserved  areas. 

Data was categorized based on educational, residential, and employment levels to create an index of  communities and human capital advantage. The health and telecommunication service index further assessed  the telehealth readiness of underserved communities. These factors helped identify disadvantaged and  vulnerable populations, guiding recommendations for telehealth and digital interventions. 

The maps and data generated were used in a survey plan for a telehealth study. Presented geographically and  in tables, they offer practical recommendations for targeted telehealth, digital, and mobile-based  interventions. This ensures that healthcare services are strategically directed, addressing specific needs in  prioritized communities.

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