NASA Harvest: Advancing Earth Observations for Agricultural Resource Mapping 

In response to the need for enhanced Earth Observations for Field-Level Agricultural Resource Mapping (EO Farm) in Kenya, NASA Harvest aimed to identify high-value business cases, promote sustainable funding  pathways, and develop informative materials for priority cases. This article delves into the collaborative  efforts undertaken to address this challenge and emphasizes the opportunity for greater incorporation of  geospatial AI/ML solutions in Kenyan agriculture. 

In partnership with NASA Harvest and the SwissRe team, Dev-Afrique focused on identifying use cases for EO Farms in Kenya. Our team facilitated a hybrid (in-person and virtual) workshop, bringing together stakeholders  from diverse sectors; private, public, and academia to provide a focused lens on the intersection of agriculture  and geospatial technology. Insights harvested from this collaborative event were instrumental in crafting a  comprehensive report, featuring detailed profiles of three priority business cases. These profiles included  thorough cost-benefit analyses and considerations for varying time horizons, meticulously accounting for  potential risks, identifying key stakeholders and investors, and factoring in external trends influencing EO 


The workshop played a foundational role in identifying high-value business cases, setting the stage for  targeted interventions in agricultural resource mapping. Engagements with stakeholders increased  understanding of sustainable funding pathways, fostering long-term support for EO-Farm. The development  of high-quality informational materials became a project cornerstone, ensuring effective communication of  the value propositions associated with each priority business case. 

The measurable impact of our work is evident in the successful identification of high-value business cases,  fostering a community understanding of sustainable funding pathways. Moving forward, NASA Harvest will  leverage the momentum gained to advance EO-Farm in Kenya through continuous engagement with  stakeholders, ongoing monitoring of identified business cases, and adapting strategies to evolving trends,  imperative for sustaining and expanding the initiative. 

In conclusion, the collaborative initiative undertaken with NASA Harvest and Dev-Afrique has proven  instrumental in advancing EO-Farm in Kenya. The identification of high-value business cases, coupled with a  shared understanding of sustainable funding, positions the initiative for long-term success. Ongoing  collaboration and strategic adaptation will be crucial for the continued success of EO-Farm in addressing  agricultural challenges in the region. Let this collaborative effort serve as an inspiration for future initiatives  at the intersection of technology, agriculture, and geospatial data.


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