Abdoul Sawadogo


Burkina Faso | Mali


French and English (Intermediate)

Areas of Specilization:

Environment, green investment service, data analysis, monitoring and evaluation, project management, Geographic information systems, Remote sensing.


Abdoul Bassit is a consultant with Dev-Afrique Development Advisors, where he plays a key role in overseeing activities related to project monitoring and evaluation, data management and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) across francophone Africa.

Before joining Dev-Afrique, Abdoul acquired a wealth of experience in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). He previously worked at GIS Center, where he was research manager for West Africa, contributing to large-scale geospatial projects. He has also contributed his expertise to renowned organizations such as Winrock International and the Global Green Growth Institute.

At the Global Green Growth Institute, Abdoul played a key role in developing framework guidelines for promoting green cities in Burkina Faso, demonstrating his commitment to sustainable development and the environment.

He holds a master’s degree in Geographic Information Systems applied to the planning and management of the environment and sustainable development. He also has a bachelor’s degree in agricultural and environmental economics.

He is based in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.