Associate Consultant

Malcolm Durosaye




English, Yoruba, and Pidgin

Areas of Specilization:

Public Policy & Government Relations, Agriculture, Development Economics, Health Financing Analytics & Planning, Data Science, Product Management, Environment & Climate Change.


Malcolm Durosaye is an Associate Consultant at Policy Vault, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing access to hard-to-reach government policies, regulations, and investment guides in African countries. At Policy Vault, he analyzes government policies, manages policy database, develops insights, and monitors the performance of African governments.

Over the years, he has provided technical assistance for impactful initiatives and projects in Africa, including food security assessment, health sector annual operation plan development and performance review, household healthcare expenditure and utilization analysis, production of tobacco transformation index, development of strategic plan, financial sustainability plan and investment case for government health insurance schemes.

Malcolm holds a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Ilorin, Nigeria. He is also certified as a cloud computing practitioner and software product manager.