Senior Consultant

Michel Isamuna


Rwanda | DR Congo | Niger


French, English, Swahili, Lingala, and Kikongo

Areas of Specilization:

Information management, Project management and evaluation, data management, data collection, Migration data management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Geographic information system, Data analysis, Machine Learning, software/Database development.


Michel Isamuna is a consultant at Dev-Afrique Development Advisors. He holds a degree in Computer Science Analysis and software development (with honors) from the Higher Institute of Computer Science and Management of Goma, then a master’s degree in Computer Science Management (with honors) obtained within from the same institution, coupled with a certification in Data Science obtained at the Dakar Institute of Technology (Senegal).

Before joining DevAfrique, Michel worked closely on projects and programs with governments, United Nations agencies, NGOs, national health programs (EPI, Malaria, etc.), universities, local communities as well as civil society under different donors such as GAVI, European Union, GFFO, CERF, BMGF etc. where he held several senior positions and had operational and management responsibility.

Michel’s work has helped improve the system of management, coordination, collection, analysis and processing of data and information within the community cohesion program in Niger as Information Management Officer; to perfect the health map of seven provinces of the DRC and to forge strategic partnerships and overcome obstacles in the establishment of good health mapping as National Coordinator for GRID3 in the DRC; to have a geographical and computerized view of population movements in the DRC (North Kivu, Ituri, Tanganyika, South Kivu, Greater Kasai) as a Senior GIS Assistant within the United Nations; and work on monitoring and evaluation but also perfect the geographical database of forest cover in the DRC within the WWF as M&E Officer/Database Officer for the Ecomakala and Moreca project (with ULB).

Michel is currently involved in a research project on artificial intelligence for the prediction and prevention of security zones (priority zones in the event of terrorism) in Niger, in order to better fight against potential migratory flows in the Sahel region.

He is sometimes based in the DRC (Kinshasa, Goma), Rwanda (Gisenyi, Kigali), Niger (Niamey).