Sharon Kioko




English and Kiswahili

Areas of Specilization:

Problem-solving, Project Management, Research, and Data Analysis, with a primary focus on the Health and Agriculture sector.


Sharon Kioko is a highly accomplished consultant based in Nairobi, Kenya, specializing in problem solving, project management, research, and data analysis, with a primary focus on the health and agriculture sectors. Currently, she holds the position of Consultant at DevAfrique, a distinguished social impact organization comprising dedicated strategy and development professionals committed to addressing complex challenges across the African continent.

Before assuming her current role, Sharon served as a Consultant at DevGlobal Partners, where she made significant contributions to a wide array of international development initiatives. Her work encompassed crucial areas, including bridging the gender digital divide in India, spearheading the operationalization of regenerative agriculture practices, devising comprehensive seed system strategies for diverse African nations, providing invaluable support for critical COVID-19 vaccine research efforts, and facilitating numerous high-impact convenings, such as webinars, conferences, and the development of online engagement platforms.

She holds an undergraduate degree in Economics and Development Studies from Brown University.